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Before you start looking for a home, we can help you with a free mortgage pre-qualification.

In today’s housing market, it’s more important than ever to get pre-qualified before you begin to look for property.   Often sellers receive multiple offers and a strong pre-qualification letter vouching for your creditworthiness is an important factor for sellers to consider in deciding which offer to accept.  Some realtors even require that buyers get pre-qualified before they start their home search.

Here are a few other reasons to get pre-qualified now:

  • Pre-qualification includes a review of your income and debt obligations to determine the maximum home price that you qualify for. This allows you to narrow your search to homes that are within your price range.
  • Pre-qualification includes a check of your credit to review your payment history and current debts. A review of your credit report at this stage allows time to correct any errors on the report and make sure your credit is in the best possible condition when you are ready to move forward with your loan.
  • Pre-qualification includes a review of your employment status and history. Depending on your method of compensation (hourly wages, commission, bonuses, self-employment income, etc.), we may need to verify your income directly with your employer or by a review of your tax returns.  Getting this step out of the way before your home search will prevent delays when it’s time to present the seller with a pre-qualification letter.
  • Pre-qualification allows us to get a head start on your loan process so it will take less time for you to receive loan approval when your offer has been accepted. Our loan approval times are among the shortest in the industry, so a head start gives you even more of a competitive advantage when your place your offer with a settlement deadline under the typical 30 days.

To begin your quick pre-qualification, please select the loan officer you are working with, or if you are not yet working with someone on our team please select that option.

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